Our Service Fees - Pricelist

Audit Fees

  • Dormant Company – From EUR200 to EUR400
  • Small Company – From EUR500 to EUR800 (notes 1, 2, 3)
  • Medium Company – From EUR900 to EUR2,500
  • Large Companies – From EUR2,600 and above (notes 4, 5, 6)

Note: The final audit fee quote may be vary from the above prices according to the client risk profile

Accounting and Vat Fees (note 7)

  • Small Company – From EUR50 to EUR200 (per month)
  • Medium Company – From EUR250 to EUR500 (per month)
  • Large Company – From EUR550 and above (per month)

The above prices include the vat submission. For quotation for accounting without vat, you can contact us.

Payroll Service Fees

  • EUR20 per employee per month (up to 15 employees)
  • EUR15 per employee per month (more than 15 employees)

Tax filling and submision

  • EUR30 per employee/pensioner with 1 source of income (i.e. only salary)
  • For tax filling of employee/pensioner with more than one source of income, contact us.

Other Services

  • Contact us (click HERE)


  1. No payroll
  2. Not VAT registered
  3. No sale invoices. The main activities are the holding of investment and financing.
  4. With payroll (more 10 employees)
  5. The company has actual office located in Cyprus and/or abroad.
  6. The Company has significant volume of operating activities (other than holding of investments or financing) 
  7. For the provision of accounting and vat services, the classification of the Company depends on the numbers of transactions and the method of recognition of revenue (i.e. automated, through platform, manually etc.)

* All prices do not include VAT and we reserve the right to amend our fees at any time without notice