With reference to the Official Cyprus Gazette the following have been adopted:

  1. Payments of employees’ salaries should be made one of the following:
  2. The employer should deposit the employees’ salaries to their selected bank account.
  3. The employer can pay the employee’s salaries also by a bank check issued on the employees’ name
  4. By cash according as per the following 2 scenarios
    1. The bank opening is under review (pending) taking into consideration that the procedure will not take more than 4 months.
    2. The salary payment is on a weekly basis (see note 1 for the extra requirements)

A contract between the employee and the employer exist and should be sent and approved by the relevant person/authorities in Cyprus (Social Insurance Authorities or Special Inspector of the Cyprus Government)

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article /page is for general awareness and is not intended to be and do not constitute a professional advice.