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Are you planning to benefit from a better job offer or move to Cyprus with your family? Cyprus is known for its favorable tax policies and is preferred by many international companies. By relocating to Cyprus, you will have the opportunity for a career growth and an enhanced quality of life.

Cyprus boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate stunning natural landscape and a rich cultural heritage creating an idyllic setting to pursue professional ambitions while enjoying a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle.

Our experienced team and associates are happy to assist you with all the necessary requirements, in order to achieve a smooth relocation to Cyprus for you and your family.

We offer the following services:

  • Work permit and work visa (for individuals with a job offer)
  • Registration Certificate for EU Nationals (yellow slips)

  • Permanent residency permit (by virtue of Regulation 6-2)

  • Temporary residence permit (for employment, for studying, family reunification)

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