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Any foreign or local person can set up a bank account in Cyprus for its registered Cyprus Company. Since Cyprus is a member state of the European Union you can benefit from the strong and well-regulated EU banking sector that prioritizes consumer protection and financial stability.

Banks services in Cyprus varies according to each bank. Most banks offer bank accounts in various currencies and various types of financial products. In addition, almost all banks offer online services.

You can open a bank account for your Company with physical presence or remotely. If you need a bank account without physical appointment (remotely) a legal representative is needed.

Cyprus banks will request physical presence in Cyprus of your Company. In addition, it is become mandatory to open a bank account when you incorporate a new Company, in order to prove the business establishment of your new incorporated entity.

We offer the following services:

  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus

  • Advice on required document and requested information

  • Appointed us as representative and communicate with banks

  • Assist with completion of the application form

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