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We help you find quickly a lot of answers relating to the Cyprus accounting, tax, social insurances and other matters for your business or for you as an individual.

Cyprus Vat

Registered and licensed auditors and accountants located in Limassol, Cyprus. For a brief overview about Cyprus Vat, read our article.

PAYE explained

Registered and licensed auditors and accountants located in Limassol, Cyprus. Read this article to better understand the definition of PAYE.

Exemption for Personal Tax Submission

Exemption for Personal Tax Submission On September 2022, in the Cyprus Official Gazette it was stated that any individual (self-employed or employee) who annual gross income or salary is below EUR19,500 has no obligation to submit it personal tax return…

Audit or not – Alternative Procedures

Audit or Not – Alternative Procedures Overview The audit requirement in Cyprus is not compulsory taking into consideration the following criteria. The non-audit requirement is applicable for companies with year end 31 December 2022 and after. In the addition, the…

Provisional Tax

Provisional Tax Overall Provisional Tax assessment and payment is a government requirement according to the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law No.4 of 1978 as amended. Cyprus Companies should estimate their taxable income for the whole year before the year…

Reverse charge – Construction Industry

Vat reverse charge for construction industry Overview The House of Representatives of the Republic of the Republic of Cyprus on 31 July2020 put in practice some important amendments to the Cyprus VAT law which is affecting the construction industry and…

Self Employment

Self Employment The two main method you can operate a business in Cyprus is as a self-employed through a limited liability company In this article we will focus on the Self-employed First you need to register as as self-employed in…

Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax | Salaries | Employment Income GeneralAny tax resident legal person or entity with business activities in Cyprus or abroad is taxable in Cyprus on its worldwide income (note1) including Cyprus income. The most common income for an…